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List of XYPoint in qml charts

  • Hi All,

    In QT Enterprise Charts for Lineseries, I need to provide some thousands of points. I have used insert/append API of XYSeries but thats consuming too much time for large data points. Where as if I hard code more than thousand points then loading time is good.
    So in summary I need way to add thousands of XYPoint element in LineSeries without using append/insert. And it should be good in performace for large data.
    LineSeries {
    name: "LineSeries"
    XYPoint { x: 0; y: 0 }
    XYPoint { x: 1.1; y: 2.1 }

  • property list<XYPoint> xypt:[XYPoint { x: 2; y: 5},XYPoint { x: 2; y: 50}]

    Trying above, but how do I append in xypt??

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