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Platform plugins for X11?

  • Hi everyone,

    i could need some help to better understand the platform concept (eglfs, xcb) regarding the raspberry pi.
    I crosscompiled Qt5.3 on my linux debian desktop and i use QtCreator to write QML code and deploy it to my raspberry.
    I already searched the forum and find many good hints, but it's still not clear.

    My goal:
    A program that runs on the rpi, but the gui is shown on my Win7 desktop computer.
    -> I want to use QML quick 2.0 and quick.controls
    -> I was thinking about a putty ssh / X11 connection and XMing

    My available platform plugins after compiling qt5 for the raspberry:

    • eglfs
    • minimalegl
    • offscreen
    • linuxfb
    • minimal


    1. The eglfs plugin doesn't support X11, right?
    2. Does XCB support X11?
    3. If (2) is true, then where do i get the xcb plugin for my raspberry?
    1. Is there another plugin that is better suited for my goal than the xcb plugin?

    Thanks for your help,

  • Anybody who knows about this topic?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    1. It's not a "support" question, X11 and eglfs are two different things
    2. XCB is the plugin to talk with X11
    3. Check if there's a Qt 5 package for raspbian, if not you'll have to build it yourself. To do so you'll have to provide the ARM version of the plugin's dependencies.
    4. If you want to run X11, AFAIK, no

    Hope it helps

  • bq. Hope it helps

    yea, gets clearer. I have a few follow up questions, though.

    I already compiled qt5 for raspbian and it works fine.
    But i didn't get the XCB plugin after compilation.

    Is XCB part of the qt5 source code? I can't find it there. :-(

    Do i have to compile it the same way like other qt5 modules, e.g. "qtdeclarative": -> qmake, make, make install

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    1. No xcb is part of X11
    2. It's not a module, it's a plugin, but AFAIK, yes (however haven't tested it for the platform plugins specifically)

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