[Solved] Why might ItemClipsChildrenToShape fail?

  • I use the flag QGraphicsItem::ItemClipsChildrenToShape a lot. I now have a situation where the flag simply is ignored, and I don't know why.
    Here is what I checked so far, did I miss anything?

    • The child I want clipped is indeed an (indirect) child of the item with ItemClipsChildrentoShape set
    • The flag is still set right before I start painting
    • The shape of the item is correct, and would clip where I want it to be clipped

    I stepped through the drawItems code a bit, and noticed I never entered the ifs related to this kind of clipping. It looks a though the flag is considered "false" although I have set it to true, and the flags() return it as true.

    I'd post code, but it's multiple files and I would first have to find out what causes the behavior (because a simple example will work as expected). If you have any suggestions about something specific I should post, please let me know.

    Solved. I shot my own foot.
    All that ItemClipsChildrenToShape does is to set the clipping region of the painter prior to calling paint. If I then replace the clipping e.g. by calling setClipRect, all that is lost.

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