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How doing page navigation in QT Quick

  • I want to write an app for my Raspberry Pi 2,8 " TFT TouchScreen Panel.

    I designed two qml files (both as type Rectangle).

    Now I don't know how to change from screen1 to scree2 - with a Transition would be very nice...

    Can anybody help me with this problem?


  • Hello,

    i think aou should have a look at "this...":

  • Is there some sample code available of how to use this?

    My problem is I have three QML files, in which should I insert the StackView and how exactly?

    thx !

  • Normally you have a main file, your app window who you can add the stack item and now you can add other components/files as a page to the stack item with pop and push. Everything is explained in the documentation! Here a very simple and maybe not fully working example, i'm not at home so no guaranty.
    Rectangle {
    Button {
    onClick: {
    item: Qt.resolvedUrl("MySecondItem.qml"),
    immediate: true,
    replace: true
    id: stack
    initialItem: Qt.resolvedUrl("MyFirstItem.qml")

  • Please mark threads as solved if it's done thx

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