Design of Layout

  • I have ten buttons on a Qlabel.i want to align 5 buttons to top left and 5 buttons to center bottom

    so i create a Qhorizontaltab to save topleft button and assign it

    @horizontaltab=new QHBoxLayout(label);
    horizontaltab->setAlignment(Qt::AlignLeft|Qt::AlignTop); @

    and other buttons are added to another horizontal layout
    @horizontal=new QHBoxLayout(label);
    horizontal->setAlignment(Qt::Aligncenter|Qt::AlignBottom); @

    Now how can i add another layout to save these two layouts?

  • Ok,
    Are you using designer? If not, please, do use it, then check out the ui file code how it is done.

  • Fine .it would be helpful if i could simply write a code.becuase i never use Ui designer

  • Hi, I'm not saying you should utilize designer in your design, but it gives good example what is possible with standard Qt GUI design widgets.
    But here goes:

    • place the 5 buttons both in horizontal layout (you already did this)
    • place those layouts in a gridlayout or maybe matrixlayout
    • Add spacers on the left and right side of it when you to centre the buttons
    • Add spacers to the right side of the buttons to left align them.

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