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[Solved] TcpSocket timeout HELP

  • Hi
    Hope this is the correct place to post ?

    Can anyone please give me any pointers as to why i keep getting time out errors from a tcpsocket ?

    According to a packet sniffer the data is being sent well within the timeslot but my code times out about 90% of the time !

    Function is pasted below
    The command gets sent ok
    The data gets sent ok
    The reply packet length gets received ok
    The reply packet times out 90% of the time !
    Even though according to network sniffing the data HAS BEEN sent from the server ??

    This has been bugging me for days.
    Any help much appreciated.

    @// Send a complex command with data attached
    void CtcpClient::slotCommand(const QString commandStr,const QString dataStr )
    // Output stream
    QTextStream outText(socket);

    // Send command
    if (commandStr.length ()<4)
    emit sigError (TCPERR_INVALID_COMMAND,"Invalid command");
    outText << commandStr.left (4);
    outText.flush ();

    // Send data length
    if (dataStr.length ()<1)
    emit sigError (TCPERR_INVALID_DATA,"Invalid data");
    QString dataLen = QString::number (dataStr.size ()).rightJustified (4,'0');
    outText << dataLen;
    outText.flush ();

    // Send data
    outText << dataStr;
    outText.flush ();

    // Wait untill we have 4 bytes of data ( packet length )
    while (socket->bytesAvailable ()< 4)
    if (!socket->waitForReadyRead(Timeout))
    emit sigError(socket->error(), socket->errorString());

    // Then read packet length
    QTextStream inLength(socket);
    QString packetLen = (4);

    // Wait untill we have packetlength of data

    while (socket->bytesAvailable ()< packetLen.toInt ())
    if (!socket->waitForReadyRead(Timeout))
    emit sigError(socket->error(), socket->errorString()); // +++++++ KEEPS EXITING HERE +++++++++

    // Then read data
    QTextStream inData(socket);
    QString data = (packetLen.toInt ());

    // Then emit sigReply(packet)
    emit sigReply (data);

  • You need to return to the event loop or call waitForBytesWritten on the socket.

  • Yes. If possible at all, I would recommend you use the first approach peppe suggests: return to the eventloop.

    That means, that you split up your code in sections, and use QTcpSocket's signals and slots to trigger actions. Avoid the waitFor* functions if at all possible.

  • Hi.
    Many thanks peppe & Andre.
    Between the two of you my problem is solved !

    Had to do a fairly major rewrite of both server and client so replies could be associated with the relevant sent command, and as suggested moved receiving on the client to a separate slot connected to TcpSocket.ReadyRead() signal.

    This solved all time-out issues.

    Again many thanks for the help it was much appreciated ( and needed ).

  • Thank you for reporting back with your solution!

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