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Back button functionality and multiple times statement execution in Component.onCompleted

  • Hi,
    I am developing an app which is for now mainly for Android. There are 1-2 points that I want to discuss, which are as follows:

    1. Back button functionality in app

    For this I have searched and tried many things I have like two main screen in app containing sub components in it. When I am trying to switch from second screen to first screen using Keys.onReleased button click handler on second screen, it is actually not going inside handler. Here is code snippet
    @Item {
    id: student_home_page;
    focus: true

    // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Keys.onReleased: {
    console.log("TEST for Back ");
    if (event.key == Qt.Key_Back) {
    console.log("BAck Button HAndled");
    event.accepted = true;

    So could anyone guide me what I am doing wrong I tried to override onBackPressed in android too but did not work.

    1. Sometimes when I push or pop between two pages the statements in Component.onCompleted executes more then once usually three times. This is causing serious performance issues as I am processing some json strings there. So I research about it and found something but I need to resolved for sure. so Any suggestions on this too.

    searched link that I found "Fast Forwarding ":

    Thanks in adavnce

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