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Macros for simplifying transferring code from another framework

  • Hello!

    I'm porting my C++ Windows-project built with Embarcadero RAD Studio to Linux with Qt. So I have many statements in my code like that:

    @Menu->Enabled = true;@

    For Qt it should be transformed like that:


    So now I'm losing a lot of time commenting code. Is there a way to do this replacement automatically (maybe by writinf some macros using #define or something using Qt)?

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    Macros like that would be a nightmare to maintain. I would go for a careful text replacement. "Enabled = true" -> "setEnabled(true)" shouldn't be that difficult. And of course test the bejesus out of it afterwards (you do have unit tests right?).

  • Unit tests are not used in the project, but I suggest it's very useful.

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    When porting an application like that it can become vital to ensure you didn't broke anything.

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