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Can I use Qt Creator to compile Qt 4.8.4

  • I just downloaded Qt Creator 5.3. I want to build an app against Qt 4.8.4 and run it on my embedded platform. When I ran the installer it only allowed me to choose Qt 5.x libraries. How do I install Qt 4.8.4 libraries and compile?



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    Go to the download page and scroll down to the Qt 4 section. However, there's no pre-built package for embedded, you'll have to cross-compile it yourself.

  • I downloaded qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.4.tar.gz. I guess my question is can I use the Qt Creator 5.3 IDE to build and deploy onto my board? Currently I can use the Open Project tab in Creator and point to the pinchzoom project under 5.3 and build. Is it as simple as just pointing to the 4.8.4 pinchzoom project and hitting 'build'?

  • Creator doesn't distinguish when it comes to build /with/ Qt 4.8 or 5.3. So, if your setup would work with 5.3, it would work with 4.8, too.

  • As SGaist said you need to build Qt 4.8.4 for your target platform using cross-compiler that comes for the platform.
    After build you need to install it somewhere and then you can "add a kit": which includes cross-compiler and Qt 4.8.4 to QtCreator settings.
    After that create new project select a new Qt 4.8.4 kit or both kits and build your project.

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