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[SOLVED] exec (or internally processEvents) hangs sometimes after a wake-up from sleep

  • Hello,

    my application strangely hangs sometimes after a wake-up of my PC from sleep (Windows 8, Qt 5.1.1). I say "strangely" because I am logging all my various routines the exec call might be calling, but the hanging doesn't happen in my routines/functions. So that my conclusion is that the hang very probably happens internally (and only after a wak-up from sleep).

    Is there any known issue, or subtle thing I might have forgotten?


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    Have you tried to run it with a debugger attached and break to see the call stack where it hangs?

  • Thank you Chris, that actually helped:

    I tried debugging previously, but the problem never happened at that time. So I tried again by being a little bit more patient and the problem occured:

    it is in fact linked to TeamViewer (the desktop sharing software) that automatically added a little arrow in each of my windows (i.e. for quick sharing with others). And that TeamViewer actually hung. Disabling those little arrows completely resolved my problem.

    Thanks again

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