Dockable windows / widgets in Qt

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    Dockable widgets in Qt are possible (example). However, usually one can dock a widget in a dockable area of a larger surrounding parent frame. I wonder whether there is a way to attach floating windows with each other, as it is possible in WinAmp (see screenshot).
    Can someone point out whether something like this can be done with Qt?


    What i tried so far: Created a second QMainWindow which overrides the moveEvent(QMoveEvent * event) function and calculate the distance to the parent QMainWindow (line 8). If the second window is near to the parent window, i move it directly next to the parent window (line 13).
    My Problem with this approach: After i moved the second window, the mouse key is still pressed and the window moves back to the position before i automatically moved it.

    My code example right now only works if you try to dock it on the left side of the parent window.
    @void playlistWindow::moveEvent(QMoveEvent * event){
    // Get positions of the two QMainWindows
    QPoint childPosition = event->pos();
    int frameWidth = this->frameGeometry().width() - this->width();
    QPoint parentPosition = this->parentWidget()->pos();

    // Calculate distance to parent Window
    int diffRight = parentPosition.x() - childPosition.x() - this->width() - frameWidth;
    // If it is near, move it to the frame of the parent window
    if( diffRight > 5 && diffRight < 30 && !isDocked){
        isDocked = true;
        this->move(childPosition.x() + diffRight, childPosition.y());
    } else {      
        if(diffRight > 30){
            isDocked = false;

    Is this the right way to do it?

    Thanks for your help,


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    There is no build-in mechanism in Qt that would do this job for you. I recommend asking/ taking a look at the code of Qmmp player. It's written in Qt and has exactly the same behaviour you describe.

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