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QtCreator ignores changes in newly added qml file

  • Hello everyone,

    I am using QtCreator 2.4.1, based on Qt 4.7.4, on Ubuntu 64 Bit on a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox). I am using a qrc-file to keep track of my qmls.

    When I add a new qml file to my project, QtCreator should copy it to the build directory whenever I build the project and my new file has changed, but that does not happen unless I change another qml file as well or do a rebuild. What must I do to make QtCreator check my newly added qml file for changes whenever I hit the build button?

    Sometimes I am able to avoid this problem by adding the file to the qrc-list by hand instead of using QtCreator's menu, but it doesn't work everytime.


  • Well,

    It can happen when you click in the Debug or Run button of the "Debug Pallete". When you click in this buttons qt just run the aplication compilated.

    However, if you press F5 or click Rebuild, Qt will search for changes on application files, and then will recompile files that need.


  • When I build, I use Ctrl-R. For 99% of my qml files Qt re-copies them to the build folder whenever I change them.

    But for the other 1% it doesn't happen unless I rebuild and that's my problem.

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