Turning a desktop application into a cloud application

  • Dear all

    I developed a desktop application for analyzing data using Qt 5.2.1 for Windows 32 and 64 bit. The software analyses the data, visualizes the results and allows the user to interact with the results.

    Now I would like to also develop a cloud based application with exactly the same functionality as the desktop version.

    I have no experience at all with developing cloud based applications, so the following questions might be a bit silly :)

    • Is it possible to use my desktop executable and host it on a cloud server to offer a cloud based data analysis service without changing a single line of code?

    • Should I split up my code in a client and a server application or can this be avoided?

    • Could somebody give some guidance on how to perform this task?

    • Is it possible to run a Qt application which uses a lot of RAM and GPU memory inside a browser window?

    • Qt cloud services looked very interesting, does anyone have experience with it and in what aspects is it better than Amazon cloud services?

    Kind regards

    1. Yes but you need to change code, you need to use cloud API. Must meet Managed Runtime requirements and limitations.

    2. Split the code.

    3. Once you sign-up ask for customer support

    4. Yes. On windows computers with Internet Explorer you can inject and run anything. First make an ActiveX and embed it in HTML page. See here:
      Many other examples here:

    5. I have no experience with it but I am considering it for a project I have in mind. Though, I don't have all my questions answered yet. I am not sure how maintenance backend tools and interfaces are like.

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