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QML Image showing solid black rectangle only for bigger image dimensions

  • Hi everyone,

    i am using Qt5.3 with raspbian and don't understand a behavior of the QML Image component.

    My Problem:
    I display images for a slideshow in fullscreen (no window).
    Whenever the image dimensions are too big (roughly >2000pixel in one direction), i see a black rectangle instead of the image.
    Is this some kind of limitation with the raspberry pi?
    When i run the same program on my linux desktop it works.

    My Code:
    @ Image{
    width: 800; height: 800
    sourceSize.width: 1920
    sourceSize.height: 1600
    x: 50; y: 50
    source: "pic1.jpg"
    opacity: 1
    fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
    cache: false
    smooth: true

    When i remove sourceSize or increase the value above 2500 i will get a black rectangle.
    The pic1.jpg is 3456 x 2592 big.

    Why I need that:
    I know, that a sourceSize < 2000 is enough for a screensize of 800. But i plan to show panorama images as well and let them scroll from left to right. So these images will be much bigger than 800 pixel.

    My system:

    • desktop: qt 5.2.1
    • raspberry: qt 5.3.0 (but i am not sure if it's the final or some kind of beta. Is there a way to figure that out?)

    Thanks for all comments,

  • Hi, is there nobody who can help with this problem?

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