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Qt with QAMQP

  • Good night,

    I'm using this connector to RabbitMQ:

    I need performance and multi-thread in my application. Please, can I use multi-thread with this connector?

    I tried:
    void Test::newMessage(QAMQP::Queue * q)
    while (q->hasMessage())
    QAMQP::MessagePtr message = q->getMessage();

        MyEvent *me = new MyEvent();
        me->message = message;


    class MyEvent : public QRunnable {
    public: QAMQP::MessagePtr message;

    public: void run() {

    In some messages the RabbitMQ say: "Unacked 10 messages". The 10 messages is my qos in broker message. What I need solve this? How to do?

    [andreyc EDIT]: added @ around code.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should rather ask this directly to the author of the library. QAMPQ is not part of the Qt but using Qt

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