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The difference between Building Qt and Installing Qt

  • I am very novice to Qt.

    I have read somewhere that during Qt 4.XX, we needed to build Qt completely for using it.
    But in 5.XX comes with the pre-built Qt binaries we just need to install particular .exe either for Visual Studio or for MinGw.

    Please let me know whether I am understanding correctly or not?

    If I am understanding correctly then is there any way that I can build the Qt 5.3.1 rather than just using pre-built Qt environment.

    If yes then please provide the steps for same.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    No, there are also pre-built packages for Qt 4 however there are more versions for Qt 5 due to more platform/compiler combinations supported.

    For Qt 5 you also have the online installer which allows you to select several version of Qt to install e.g. Desktop, Android etc.

    Sure you can build it, the documentation provides all necessary informations and you can also find the instructions on this site if you want to build from git's sources.

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