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How to reduce the number of modules.

  • Hello there!

    I have a little program, which use Audio, Network and WebKit. If i unclude all *.dll / *.so i have about 88MiB, and this include this modules: Qt5OpenGL, Qt5Positioning, Qt5PrintSupport, Qt5Qml, Qt5Quick, Qt5Sensors, Qt5Sql.
    These modules are not used, just Qt5Core (and some others) depends on them.

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    welcome to the forum. Definitely you need Qt5core, QtGui, Qt5Widget. Qtnetwork. If you are not using the QML in your app remove Qml related libraries. You can do trial and error by removing one-by-one libraries and running your program.

  • Ok, then another question. QtCreator link my program with this library. How can i disable this?

    My *.pro file:

    Project created by QtCreator 2014-05-30T19:47:01


    QT += core gui widgets webkitwidgets multimedia

    TARGET = ClassicMusicDownloader
    TEMPLATE = app

    SOURCES += main.cpp

    HEADERS += classicmusicdownloader.h

    FORMS += classicmusicdownloader.ui


    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_RELEASE += -flto -Ofast -mfpmath=sse -mtune=native -march=pentium4 -msse -msse2 -pipe
    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_DEBUG += -Og -mfpmath=sse -mtune=native -march=pentium4 -msse -msse2 -pipe

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    To add to my fellows, you can also use e.g. Dependency Walker to know which libraries you're linking to.

    There's also this fine "wiki entry": for a more visual presentation of the windows deployment process

  • I already use DW, and the problem is that the program is linked with these modules, but I don't use them.

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    If it is linked them, that means they are used internally. You may not be using them directly. With all the process and procedure, you can remove some of them and see your program works.

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