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Credit Card Tracker

  • Is there anyone can help me about creating a credit card tracker using Nokia Qt SDK?
    I already made a design. My problem is, "how to create another form? And how to link the push button on that another form?"
    Please help me.. im new user in this application.. :'(
    Thank you in advance.. ^_^

    the link below shows the image I made. It is only usable for facebook subscribers:!/photo.php?fbid=197081700324565&set=a.172887862743949.38205.100000682082951&theater

  • What exactly do you mean by: how to create another form?
    create in QtCreator/designer? or at runtime (instantiate)?
    What is meant by: "how to link the push button on that another form?"

    I try to guess a bit:

    You have one form with a push button. On click, another form should be displayed. Is this correct and describes your problem?

  • I have a link above sir. If you are a facebook subscriber, you can see the image of my design.
    Anyway, its using QtCreator sir. And yes, you got what I mean.
    I have one form with a push button. On click, another form should be displayed.

    for example, i inputted a transaction, then, I want to view the transaction I've made.
    I just simply click the button with the name "View Transaction". If I clicked it, new form should be displayed that shows the transactions I inputted.

  • Hi EJhaiynePDRK..

    I have a facebook account, but can't see the image. You should post images to public hosters and not to hosters, where you need a login to see it. Otherwise many people who would be willing to help, might say: NO.

    What you try to do is basic Qt. Did you try to read some parts of the docs regarding this?
    It's just showing a dialog or "normal" window.

  • This all is pretty basic stuff. Just read the introduction tutorials on Qt or get you some book about Qt. Search the forums here or the web, the number of pages listing the links for you are not far from infinity. I'm pretty sure there is even someone listing this stuff on his facebook page. We will not do the homework for you - and reading the docs is part of that.

    PS: Don't expect any reasonable answer if you force people to setup a facebook account to understand your problem.

    PPS: And adjust the topic of your post please. Your question does not have to do anything with credit card trackers at all. If you want your questions to be answered, then think about asking smart questions and do not just do a braindump on your keyboard.

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