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How to install MySQL driver for client application on BeagleBone Black with Cross-Compiling

  • Hi,

    I have QT library 4.8 installed on the beaglebone black with ubuntu installed. And I'm cross compiling to it from another ubuntu.
    I tried QtSql libraries. But it asks for MYSQL driver for QSqlDatabase functions.

    how to install these libaries on the Beagle? I'm kind of stucked at this point and i don't have much time. I only need to be able to reach a table on the remote server to query, insert and edit data

  • when cross-compiling QT 4.8 for ubuntu you need to enable MYSQL if done then you need to install MYSQL driver for ubuntu go to ubuntu software center from your beagle bone and install


    or simply connect beaglebone to internet simply and type
    sudo apt-get install libqt4-sql-mysql in terminal the driver will get installed before this ensure that you have installed MYSQL server on beagle bone or do that by typing

    • sudo apt-get install mysql-server*

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