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Pexeso Flip - Simple Concentration Game for Android and IOS

  • Hi everyone,

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I've just launched a nice (in my opinion) card memory game called Pexeso Flip. It was developed in Qt/QML and is currently available for Android (with armv7) and iOS (7.1 or higher). Its my first game published anywhere, so if you do download be nice on the comments.

    It also works on Desktop (Tested on Ubuntu, Mavericks and Windows 8), but I haven't sorted out some deployment issues, so its not available yet on these platforms. Also, my future plans include to get it working on windows phone.

    Beyond being a great passtime, it has no Ads... and works without the need for Internet connection.

    Last, there is a global leaderboard (for all platforms) that uses the player tag name, it can be acessed directly using the following link:
    (obs: its experimental, so there are still some issues to work out, but it seems to be working for now)

    If you would like to give it try, just follow the links:

    "Google Play":

    "Apple Store":

    Feedback is welcome!

    Best Regards to All

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