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Problems with customized installer creation with Qt Installer Framework

  • Hello, buddies

    I'm using the Qt Installer Framework for create a customized installer for a application, but I'm having problems to understand how to implement some features that I want. Some of these features involve Database access, File Manipulation and if possible the use of containers like QMap or QList.

    Therefore, I don't know whether I can do these things by scripting (using the installscript.qs) or if I have another way. I had not found any documentation that would provide me details about the use of the script API for the framework. So I want know if you have something else that is not the Qt Installer Framework Manualto help me implement the features that I want.

    Thanks in advance.

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    welcome to the forum. What db you want to access in scripting ? What is the file manipulation you would like to do install script ?
    Do you want to include the libraries corresponding to the features you mentioned in install script ?

  • Thanks!

    I want to access a PostgreSQL, configure and test the connection like we do with Database classes of the Qt libraries. For files, I would like to have a way to write/read/verify existence of file like we do with a QFile, for example.

    If there is some library (or libraries) which can help me to do these things, I think it is useful too.

    Another thing that I want is to know how I can use the default components from Installer screens, like a Next/Previous/Cancel Button.

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