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How to repeat a part of video in Qt player

  • i want to start a video from let say after one min and stop it after 3 min and start the video again from 1 min means like a loop and video is 7 min long.Could anyone help me in this.

  • maybe have a look at QTimer class : start the timer with method start(time) and make something in a slot when signal tiemout() is fired.

    if you need more control, use setPosition()

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    There is no direct way to stop the video at specified duration.

    As Marty said,

    1. To start at 1 min, you use the setPosition(...).
    2. Use QTimer to fire timeout after 3 minutes. Use this as repeat timer.
    3. Now use stop() to stop the video.

    This you need to repeat.

  • I used mediaplayer.setPosition(7000) to seek the video till 7 sec an after that play normally but its not working mean the video is starting from the start only.could you please help

  • and if i used signal slot then how can i connect them to mediaplayer coz in the end its mediaplyer class which shuld receive the signal not the timer class and timeout() signal is related to timer class.

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