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Sending an Email in Windows Qt Console Application

  • Hi,

    I'm attempting to send an email via a Qt Console Application. However I am quite clearly not an expert in using Qt which is making it difficult to work out which solutions work and which don't.
    I'm currently using the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 10 and Qt 5.3.1 both on Windows 7.

    My aim is to send an email which contains an attachment from the program.
    Does anyone have advice on the best way to achieve this?

    Please note that I do not know how to install an extension to Qt or how to use any of the Smtp plugins I have found, however I am happy to learn so any pointers to useful material would be great.


  • in order to send an email you will need a mail server and account details from there. if you have a pop3 or imap server. is this server local or you want to use a global one like yahoo, gmail and so on...
    also have a look "here": this is a Qt imap client
    I do not know exactly what are you trying to archive.. a bit more details will help me to improve my answer

  • Basically my Qt code currently does a bit of analysis and what I then want it to do is send an email automatically via an imap server to alert a human if they needs to look at it.

    Happy to provide as many details as I can so feel free to bombard me with questions and I'll answer as best I can. As I said above I'm pretty new to this IDE and unfamiliar with the best way of doing things (previously i have only used C++ for the analysis stage, never the email stage)

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