QtWayland on Qt-5.1.1

  • Hello,

    I am trying to cross compile Qtwayland on top of Qt-5.1.1 for ARM. I cloned the QtWayland from git and reset it to the stable branch.

    When I try to compile using qmake, I get the below error.

    1. warning("QtWayland requires wayland-scanner")
      I commented the check for wayland-scanner in qtwayland.pro.

    2. Project ERROR: QT_FOR_PRIVATE may not contain *-private.
      After applying the patch from https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtbase/commi…adeea1bdfed566c I got rid of this error.

    3. Project ERROR: Module platformsupport has no public API
      I am stuck here.

    Please help me to build QtWayland for Qt-5.1.1.

    Naveen M N

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