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Strange bug with posts counter

  • Yesterday I saw that I have something around 135 posts at right column. Today I saw there 117 posts (I thought that maybe some old topics with bugs were removed and all is ok), but after adding one new comment now I have again 138 posts.

  • i confirm facing similar behavior couple of days ago

  • In the stats on your profile page you can see something like this:

    Total Forum Topics = 2
    Total Forum Replies = 160
    Total Forum Posts = 162

    I suspect the forum replies value is showing somewhere it shouldn't.

    Denis has for instance 118 replies now, but 139 posts.

    Do you remember where (in what context) you saw the 117 number?

  • I saw 117 at right panel of forum near points counter and rank name. Now there is 139 (and I think will be 140 after I will post this comment :) ).

    P.S. About profile page. I can't see such statistics. In my profile I can see only comments and forum replies counters.

  • Hum, mysterious, that right panel is a template that should be the same all over. I'll keep an eye out for it.

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