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Italy - Qt and QML senior developers needed

  • Hi all,

    we are moving the product to Qt and we're now in Beta with the full Qt and Qt Quick environment on the Blobbox (a connected PVR set-top-box with full Internet features, like Qt/Webkit-based browser and all streaming protocols, maybe one of the most complete TV box in the market).
    See more about the current product on

    We are creating a new team for QML applications and for Qt-based application framework.

    We are looking for smart software engineers with passion for Qt/C/C++ or Javascript/CSS and front-end development to found this new team.
    TVBLOB has offices in Italy: Milano and Catania.

    Please, send your CV and presentation letter to

    Thanks for your attention,
    Pancrazio Auteri

  • Hi pancrazio,

    I'm very interested. I will send quickly my CV.

  • Hello is this job available for people not living in Italy?

  • Fine, I'm a Qt Ambassador from Florence... Interested??

  • Wow...i'm glad to view that company in Italy! Is relocation required? i came from Benevento

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