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[Solved] DEPENDPATH += . INCLUDEPATH += . Missing in .pro file

  • Hi,

    Currently I'm reading Foundations of Qt Developement by John Thelin.

    That book says "The other two variables, DEPENDPATH and INCLUDEPATH, are set to ., so QMake knows that you keep the files of the project in the current directory. The difference between the two is that DEPENDPATH is used by QMake when mapping the dependencies in the project, whereas INCLUDEPATH is passed on to the compiler to tell it where to look for included files."

    But I cannot find neither DEPENDPATH nor INCLUDEPATH in my project's .pro file.

    Project created by QtCreator 2014-08-15T09:49:02


    QT += core gui

    TARGET = untitled1
    TEMPLATE = app

    SOURCES += main.cpp

    HEADERS += MainWindow.h

    FORMS += MainWindow.ui

    Are they obsoleted?

    Thanks for reading.

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    These are predefined keywords. They are not required for any simple project like this. Your project works with default settings like current directory etc. e.g if you have kept the header files in different directory, then you can specify
    INCLUDEPATH += "/users/haren/include"

    Then your compiler looks for this directory when you have your own header files.

    Hope this clarifies.

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    Follow "this": link for complete list of qmake variables.

  • Dheerendra, p3c0,

    Thank you for your help. I understood the reason.

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