Qtcreator - I can not anymore insert new widget into my user interface.

  • Hi!
    I'm new for this forum and newbie in qtcretor user interface program.
    So, I've exported, moving/copying my previous-folder-project in another laptop to begin from an older user interface and add a new widget to complete my actual;
    After reconfigure and rebuild procedure, I have adjoint new widget (lcdnumber) by graphical method from "design mode" but is not recognized from compiler and show me this error:

    @/dialog.cpp:126: error: 'class Ui::Dialog' has no member named 'lcdNumber'

    why? in general after the adjoint in the gui is automatically recalled in the code when you digit first letter.....

    I post the the part of code:
    @void Dialog::processFrameAndUpdateGUI(){
    double FPS = (double)(FPStimer.elapsed()/n);


  • Welcome to DevNet!

    What is the name of the widget?
    "lcdnumber" or "lcdNumber"

  • Go to designer mode and open the UI file. Go to property window and see what is the object name given for 'lcd'. I suspect that either lcd is not added to your dialog or it has been given the different object name. By default object name is 'lcdNumber'. This should fix your issue.

  • This is my tab order object. As you see my lcdnumber is jumped....
    In my property windows lcdNumber is under my QDialog class......

  • There will be header file called ui_dialog.h in build directory. Can you check whether it has lcdNumber ? I suspect that you have some old ui_dialog.h somewhere in the path. This may be causing the issue. Can you chck ui_dialog.h file ?

  • Thanks!
    I had a ui_dialog.h into my project folder, so my compiler didn't find my correct ui_dialog.h into build folder!
    Now it's all ok

  • You can make this request to Solved State. It will help others as well.

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