Can somebody explain to me these two new OpenGL related features in Qt 5.4?

    1. QOpenGLContext is now able to adopt existing native contexts (EGL, GLX, …). This allows interop between Qt and other frameworks, like game engines.
    2. OpenGL ES 3.0/3.1 support is improved. The header file for the highest usable ES version (gl31.h, gl3.h or gl2.h) is now automatically included by Qt’s headers in -opengl es2 builds. Vertex array objects, framebuffer blits and multisampling are now supported via the standard GLES3 functions, where applicable.

    Is there any documentation, samples yet? Does Qt actually support ES 3.0/3.1 on the desktop?

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    Yes, there is documentation. New functionality can't be included in Qt code repository if it lacks tests, documentation, examples, or the code style is wrong.

    I think you will find Qt 5.4 docs in the snapshots directory ("link": If that is not updated yet, then you can check out Qt 5.4 from git, and build the documentation yourself.

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