[solved] Deleted menu items from Form Editor, now I get moc_...cpp errors

  • I misnamed some menu items, so I right clicked them, deleted them.

    Then deleted their matching actions in the action editor, then deleted the triggers in the .cpp file.

    Rebuilt, and moc_mainwindow.cpp was throwing some errors about cases. This is not a project file of mine, this is an autogenerated file when qmake is ran.

    Now... if I try to rebuild based on just my .qt file, I get

    moc_diffmatchpatch.cpp:-1: error: undefined reference to `DiffMatchPatch::on_actionPatch_Apply_triggered()'

    how can I fix it? I guess I deleted the menu items incorrectly, and now it's asking me to fix something in a file that isn't even part of my project?

    I think I needed to delete the references in my header files to private slots:
    //void on_actionCompute_Patch_triggered();

    //void on_actionPatch_Apply_triggered();


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