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Block website using qt app &C++

  • Hi All,
    I Have to develop an app in Qt using c++ to block the websites that matches keywords. I don't need source code or anything like that , All I am requesting is a starting point And Qt libraries if it supports.

    Platform: ALl windows flavour i.e windows 7 , xp , vista etc.
    Language : C++
    Overview of a problem: I have to develop a Qt application which will have some keywords in its container( User will insert keyword or delete keyword ) for example C++ vector contains "asos", "apple" etc. When my app is running and if user type "" or "" via browser or through some other means then my program should compare asos within its array and if found it should be able to block it. If program is not running then user should be able to type and website if working should open .

    PS: There is a requirement for not to modify the hosts file.

    All I am requesting is an idea or starting point.

    Any small help or criticism will be helpful to me.

  • It looks like you want to make proxy-server.

  • Thanks YuriQ

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