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[SOLVED] qt 4.8.x: a question about different versions QT and QT for embedded

  • I have a simple practical question about applications develop on my embedded device.

    Usually I use linux/windows on my host to deveop applications and see it simulated on my desktop pc.
    When application running here, then I cross compile for my device and run on target with "qt for embedded" library installed.

    My question is about qt version.
    Normally in my host I have a qt version more recent than that I have installed on my target system.

    For exemple:
    now, my host qt version on windows is QT mingw 4.8.6 and the version on YOCTO target is QT for Embedded 4.8.3

    Can I consider 4.8.x family (both QT and QT for embedded) versions compatible with the same behavior and the same feauture?

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    The code base for embedded and standard is pretty much the same except the additional classes for QWS. Qt is backward compatible. However check for the bug fixes that happened in between to be sure you don't hit one.

    On a side note it's Qt, QT stands for Apple QuickTime.

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