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QNetworkReply and file downloading problem

  • Hello,
    I experience a strange situation:
    @this->connect( this->networkManager, SIGNAL( finished( QNetworkReply* ) ), this, SLOT( onDownloadingFinished( QNetworkReply* ) ) );

    void UpdateMgr::onDownloadingFinished( QNetworkReply* reply )
    if( reply->error() == QNetworkReply::NoError )
    qDebug() << "Size of downloaded file:" << reply->size();
    qDebug() << "Size of saved file:" << reply->readAll().length();
    Size of downloaded file: 11902976
    Size of saved file: 11894784

    Casue of that I det damaged file. Why????

  • You have to append reply->readAll to your file on each readyRead signal and close your file when the finish signal comes as it may not come all in one big chunk.

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