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Building 32-bit 4.8.x on Mavericks

  • I'm having a hard time building 32-bit Qt 4.8.x on Mavericks.

    I understand that I should just march forward with 64-bit but I'd rather not abandon some paying customers.

    Using the MacOSX10.6.sdk (arch x86), the compiler complains about a missing -lstdc++ .. Is there some way that I can use the 10.6 SDK to build Qt 4.8.4 on Mavericks?

    Using the MacOSX10.9.sdk (arch x86), I hit a brick wall with this:

    bq. clang: error: invalid Xarch argument: '-Xarch_i386 -framework', options requiring arguments are unsupported

    I have tried to uninstall XCode and install Command Line Tools for previous versions of Mac on Mavericks but the installer always complains that I must install on that specific OS!

    Is it possible to build 32-bit Qt 4.8 on Mavericks with clang? Is it possible to install gcc 4.2 on Mavericks for my older projects and also have the modern compiler(s) installed for future development? Doing this on Windows is quite easy but I don't know how to do it on OS X.

    Right now my only viable solution is to keep my old Mac box around but I'd rather have everything in one place.

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    IIRC, it's a clang VS gcc problem, but I'm not sure if it was solved for 4.8.6

  • I'm currently attempting to rip llvm-gcc-4.2, include and lib directories from my old 10.6 Mac and transplanting them to a separate folder on my new 10.9 Mac .. and crossing fingers.

  • Turns out it has nothing to do with 32-bit builds. It's -impossible- possible to build Qt 4.6.8 on Mavericks.

    I just built 32-bit Qt 4.8.6 and Qt Creator 2.8.1 on Mavericks!

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    You can safely run the latest Qt Creator with an older Qt version they are not tied together. The only thing is that you need Qt Creator 3 at least since Qt 5.2

  • bq. You can safely run the latest Qt Creator

    Newer isn't always better. In fact, I think it's the exception.

    Of course, I love Qt and look forward to playing with Qt 5 and Qt Creator 3 in time but for now I need to stick to that which is not broken.

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    Do you have problems running 4.8 with Qt Creator >= 3 ?

  • No. I briefly tested Qt Creator 3 just now and had no problems. What I mean by "that which is not broken" is "if it's not broke, don't fix it". Sorry about that!

    I built Qt Creator 2.8.1 to test the Qt 4.8 framework I just compiled. I also prefer compiling everything from source and since I'm not ready to jump to Qt 5 yet, I think I'm stuck with Qt Creator 2.8.

    When the time comes, I'll build both Qt 5.x and Qt Creator X from sources for all platforms and use Qt4 for legacy maintenance and Qt5 for the new stuff.

    Isn't Qt 5 supposed to support Android development? I didn't see any Android templates in Qt Creator 3.

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    IIRC, you can Qt Creator at least up to 3.1 with Qt 4

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    I forgot, yes it does support Android. However AFAIK, Qt Creator won't show you templates for platforms you don't have kits for.

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