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Generating .avi or .mpg animations from Qt? (from sequence of QImages or QPixmaps)

  • We are generating on-screen animations in Qt 4.8.6 widgets on Windows (just redrawing, based on a repeating QTimer). Does Qt4 or Qt5 proper support (or will Qt5 soon support) generation of .mpg / .mpeg (MPEG) or .avi files for generated animations? I'm imagining that this would be done by providing a sequence of QImages or QPixmaps having consistent dimensions, perhaps with a specified frame rate. Short of that, are there any well supported third-party Qt packages for doing this?

    Thanks in advance,
    Phil Weinstein
    CADSWES, University of Colorado

  • Take a look on "Camera Example":
    Is it what you are looking for ?

  • Thank you andrey. Re: The QtMultimediaWidgets 5.3 Camera Example. Maybe.

    But I don't see (a) any application-level API or Qt API in there which receives a QImage from the application, OR (b) virtual methods which are provided a QPainter to draw in (called asynchronously). Or something.

    What am I missing? WHERE DO I get my sequence of QImages (or QPixmaps) to a place in that code which generates movie files (MPEG or something)?

  • AFAIK there is no such API in Qt.
    Looks like Camera Example will not work for you.
    You may try to use ffmpeg or gstreamer to encode images into video.

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