QTWebkit binding for JavaScript generation

  • I'm trying to add some new functions in WebCore and i need Javascript bindings for these functions. In Webkit these bindings are generated from IDL files in build-webkit script (which isn't presented in QTWebKit).

    I've added following code in Navigator.idl :
    @void setPlatform(in DOMString name);@
    Project is beeing built without errors, but no binding for this function is beeing generated.

    Actually, the main questions are:
    -Is it possible to generate JS binding for new WebKit function in QTWebKit?
    -If yes,then is my approach (add function in NavigatorBase and add description in NavigatorBase.idl) correct? And if it is not correct approach, how should i done it?


    I think possible workaround is building WebKit itself with necessary changes and adding generated files in QTWebKit, but i'm trying to find more elegant and fast solution.

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