Date Time in qml

  • Hi friends,
    I need to print date and time in qml.I could do that bt nt as i required..Here i expalin u ..

    I need to print date in dd_MM_yyyy(ie.. underscore format).I could not get this work..However i give the format ,independent of that it is printing as dd/MM/yyyy. Here is my code.

    @ QtObject {
    id: dateObj
    property var locale: Qt.locale()
    property date currentDate: new Date()
    property string dateString
    X_onClicked {
    dateObj.dateString = dateObj.currentDate.toLocaleString("MM-dd-yyyy")

    If anyone Knows,please help me...
    Thanks in advance

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    "toLocaleString": expects locale as first argument so just pass Qt.locale()
    Text {
    text :new Date().toLocaleString(Qt.locale(),"MM-dd-yyyy");

  • thanks p3c0..Its working nw..:-)

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