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Constraining QGraphicsTextItem to a specified rectangle.

  • I am trying to write a WYSIWYG word processor and I'm trying to find the best way to use Qt for this task.

    Using a QGraphicsTextItem in a QGraphicsScene/View seems like a good idea, but I am constantly finding new hurdles to jump through. Most of them seem to be related to the fact that this is my beginner Qt project.

    My current problem is that I am unable to confine the text within given a vertical boundary and the text just go on until it hits the bottom of the QGraphicsScene/View.
    "My code":

    The idea is that the boundary represents a virtual page which the user can flip through, like you would do when previewing a document in MS Word or Libre Office.

  • Why not just use a text browser widget(s) in a normal window?
    I think using a QGraphicsScene just complicates matters...

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