Receiving garbage data from serial port

  • I'm using serial port class for transferring data from machine to machine. Before I open the port I define the following settings:

    @Port = new QSerialPort(this);
    Port ->setPortName("COM16");
    Port ->setBaudRate(QSerialPort::Baud115200);
    Port ->setDataBits(QSerialPort::Data8);
    Port ->setParity(QSerialPort::NoParity);
    Port ->setFlowControl(QSerialPort::NoFlowControl);
    Port ->setStopBits(QSerialPort::OneStop);
    Port ->clear();@
    My problem is, that sometimes when I run my app I get from the Serial port garbage data, the issue gets fixed when I open ExtraPutty tool ( on the same port- I get their the correct data and afterwards when I open my application everything is OK and I receive normal data. Probably the ExtraPutty defines some setting that I missed and the settings stays when I open the port from my application. can some one help me figure out what is the issue?

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    You didn't open the serial port before doing the rest

  • well, I didn't write here the line that I'm opening the port, I open the port after setting these above details.
    for the case it makes sense I'm adding here the code that opens the port:

    @Port->open(QIODevice:: ReadWrite);
    if ((Port->isOpen()))

        connect(Port, SIGNAL(readyRead()), this,SLOT(DataReceived()));
        QMessageBox::critical(this, tr("Error"), Port->errorString());

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    You have to open it before setting anything

  • Also, you should to check the return from the all setXX() methods.

  • I checked the return. the return is false and the last error message is: "the handle is invalid"

    what does it mean, and what should I do in order to fix it?

  • bq. what does it mean,

    It means that the device isn't opened.

    bq. and what should I do in order to fix it?

    For the old Qt versions (is lower than 5.3.1) it is necessary: at first - try to open device, and second - try to do setXX() methods (but not vice versa!!!).

    Now (for the Qt 5.3.1 and above) in it there is no need: it is possible to do setXX() before device opening.

    But anyway it is necessary always to do check of return codes.

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