[SOLVED]Enginio download URL problem

  • Has anyone been able to download files with Enginio? I'm using C++ and can upload files properly but am having problems trying to download them. The code segment below won't return the URL properly, the url string in DLUrlDone is empty. The same thing happens in the "image-gallery" project in the ImageObject::replyFinished method. Can anyone see anything wrong with my code or test the download operation in the image-gallery project to see if the URL is returned?

    void QCloudSup::DLdUrl(const QString &objid)

    if (objid.isEmpty())
    QJsonObject object,d;
    object["id"] = objid; // ID of an existing object with attached file
    const EnginioReply *replyDownload = m_client->downloadUrl(object);
    connect(replyDownload, SIGNAL(finished(EnginioReply*)), this, SLOT(DLUrlDone(EnginioReply*)));


    void QCloudSup::DLUrlDone(EnginioReply *reply)
    // Download URL completed.
    // Notes:
    QString path;
    QString objectId;
    quint8 lflg1;


    QString url = reply->data().value("expiringUrl").toString();
    QNetworkRequest request(url);

    m_reply = m_client->networkManager()->get(request);
    // m_reply->setParent(this);
    connect(m_reply, SIGNAL(finished()), this, SLOT(downloadFinished()));

  • The above problem in my code was solved by using a separate object id from another property for the object. The "image-gallery" project still doesn't return the url but that isn't a big concern.

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