Internal Server Error when uploading a file

  • Hi,

    Our cloud backend has objects with data files attached to them. When creating those object using the C++ API, I sometimes get an "Internal Server Error" when uploading the data. Creating the actual objects seems to never fail, only the upload part.

    I start the upload in the finished signal of the request where we create the object. Most of the times it succeeds, but sometimes it fails, so I have to implement a robust retry mechanism.

    I understand that there could be edge cases where an upload would fail, but it happens in more than 10% of the cases. The files are approximately 1MB in size. Is this expected behaviour? Are there best practices I have to follow? Or could this be a bug in the cloud service?

    Jeroen Dierckx

  • “Internal Server Error” is always the server side error

  • Yes, I understand. But am I causing it?

    I iterate over the recordings that I want to upload, and for each one I create a request to create the object, and in its completed callback upload the file. I don't wait for one recording to be completed before I start with the new one. Could that be causing the issues? Should I implement a queue myself so all requests are done serially?

  • You are doing that in the right way, I do not think you can workaround it differently then checking for 500 error in the finished handler and retry.

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