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Alternatives to QWebView on iOS and Android ?

  • I understand QWebView is prohibited on Android and iOS. Are there alternatives? Any?

    I was pretty excited about succeeding in deploying a simple Qt widget app on Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, and iOS. I still consider it amazing. However the excitement is beginning to fade away after the reality of no web widget availability on both Android and iOS starts to sink in.


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    Currently and AFAIK, you have to use the corresponding native view for that

  • Thank you for your reply

    Interfacing to a native web view on iOS or Android must be an enormous undertaking multiplied by two to support both iOS and Android. And even when finished it may not work as needed. I feel I should be very afraid?

    I am starting to reconsider my belief that Qt was "the one framework to rule them all" on both desktops and mobile. Maybe I drank too much Qt KoolAid and need to reconsider alternatives?

    Cross platform frameworks such as PhoneGap are attractive. I can understand cross-platform is a very complex problem to solve and maybe there is no good solution. I thought Qt was the one. Then only one that could do Linux embedded and all the major desktops and the two major mobile devices.

    Any thoughts from anyone are much appreciated.


  • It looks like a solution may be in the pipeline but does not sound like it will be included in Qt 5.4:

    Create a WebView that uses the native browser engine

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