Get a QString from a QJsonobject

  • Does enybodu know why this is not working ?

    QByteArray backendId("here comes the backendid");
    EnginioClient *client = new EnginioClient;

    Login* l = new Login("User","name");
    QJsonObject aanmelden;
    aanmelden["objectType"] = QString::fromUtf8("objects.Login");
    aanmelden["id"] = QString::fromUtf8("53d95145698b3c37cd05f84c");
    const EnginioReply* reply = client->query(aanmelden);
    QString naam = aanmelden["Username"].toString();

    I would like to create a login.

  • What exactly is not working?

  • the label is empty. So I think that the QString naam has not the wright data from the QJsonObject.

  • anmelden["Username"] is not assign in your code so if you call toString() on it, the result will be empty. The query() function is not modifying arguments.

    The important part is here:
    EnginioReply* reply = client->query(aanmelden)

    the reply is an object that will have the data (EnginioReply::data()) you are asking for. The data will be valid after finished() signal is emitted. Please look into examples, they show how to handle it.

    Btw. I guess that you are writing a login screen or something similar, Enginio has already a user management which you could use (

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