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[Semi-solved] Releasing trough Ministro crashes application

  • Hello,

    currently i have developed a qtgui application and released it statically, it worked fine! But i don't want to release a 40 MB application, so i decided to release it trough Ministro, that's where the problem comes in:

    It doesn't work on:

    • -Galaxy Tab 3 10.1(GT-P5210) with Android 4.2.2-
    • Point of View ProTab 2XXL(TAB-PROTAB2XXL(4)) with Android 4.0.3

    but it works on:

    • Galaxy Note 3(SM-N9005) with Android 4.4.2

    • Galaxy Tab 10.1(GT-P7510) with Android 4.0.4

    • Galaxy Tab 3 10.1(GT-P5210) with Android 4.2.2

    Ministro downloads about 20 MB on the devices where the application works, but on the other devices it downloads about 33 MB, the application stops working after the download is done.

    • I am using Qt 5.3
    • All devices are armeabi-v7a(or emulate it)

    Any suggestions? I'll provide further informations if requested.

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    Not really an answer but you should try asking on the necessitas IRC channel

  • [quote author="SGaist" date="1406758068"]
    Not really an answer but you should try asking on the necessitas IRC channel[/quote]

    I'll give it a try, thread will be still alive.

  • Problem solved for the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1:

    The tab only emulates armeabi so the application works if i use qt's dynamic linking, but fails if i use ministro since ministro will download the necessary x86 librarys for the armeabiv7a application.

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