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[SOLVED] (was [Qt Creator] [feature request]) Maximize current edit sub-window

  • Background: Having 26" LCD I used to have code editing window splitted into typically 4 (2x2) sub-windows, each displaying other file related to current development (e.g. .cpp, .h and 2x .h for exploited classes). Often I need to temporialy look at one point of the code or another with larger surrounding context, while intending to get back to original (2x2) arrangement in a short while. This makes eventual closing the split and re-splitting impractical.

    Feature request: There even exists simillar functionality named "Maximize output panes (Alt+9)", but this swaps between extended and normal sized window only for output panes only (e.g. Application output). Pressing Alt+9 while having cursor in the code edit window still maximizes the pane.
    Would be great, if I could by some simillar (or at best even the same) shortuct maximize the current (where the cursor is located) sub-window of code editor, having it to take previous size (and position) on the second hit of the same shortcut.
    If based on focus (i.e. active cursor position), it could even really use the same (Alt+9 by default) shortcut, maximizing allways the sub-window where cursor is placed, be it pane or code edit window.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You're on the wrong place for feature requests. You should go to the "bug report system": and open it there.

  • Thank you for a link. I was trying to find current bugreport system for an hour+ , but all links that I found were about 2010 and linked to the abandoned domain...

    Going to post at proper place.

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