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[Solved] Qwt3dplot - Plot stored data in cartesian coordinates

  • Hi,

    I want to 3D-plot some data stored in 3 arrays which defines X, Y and Z coordinates. I found the loadFromData function but i try it without success.

    Does anybody got experience with this library?


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    I'd advise to post this question directly on the QwtPlot3d project forum. You're more likely to get a quick answer.

  • The truth is that I only post here after I spend some hours trying myself, and searching in internet. I would like to ask in the Qwt3DPlot forum but looks like it doesn't exists because when you click there it sends you to sourceforge, not to a forum. I search also in QtCentre but couldn't find too much information.

    The qwt3dplot APIs documentation is not clear enough for me, but Im not going to give up, I will keep trying.


  • Sorry, i thought sourceforge is only to share/store code. I found the troubleshooter...

  • Hi again,

    Finally i solved using volumeplot type, here i attach an example of the process:

    @//Creating a widget and adding a VolumePlot inside:
    QWidget *wm3D = new QWidget(this);
    m3Dplot = new VolumePlot(wm3D);

    //Function example of how to add data:
    void form::add_m3Ddata_point(double x, double y, double z){
    m3Ddata.push_back(Voxel(x,y,z,0,0,255,255)); // The last 4 numbers are for select the color in rgba format

    //Adding the data to the VolumePlot:


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