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[SELF-FIXED] QTCreator 3.0.1 has no CMake tab in "Build & Run" options; won't open CMakeLists.txt. Yes CMake is already installed

  • I just upgraded to Linux Mint 17, and reinstalled Qt and all the other tools I need for development. But for some reason I can't get Qt to see the cmake that's installed. Any thoughts? I'm going to try to purge qt creator and reinstall it, see if that helps, in the meantime.

    Edit: Note, I installed Qt Creator from the ubuntu repository in this scenario. (apt-get install)

    Second Edit: Installing from the installer on the website fixed the problem

  • I ran into the same problem today, but I've fixed it installing the cmake qtcreator plugin from the repositories:

    sudo aptitude install qtcreator-plugin-cmake

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