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Qt3D installation

  • Hello everyone,

    after a long time developing with Java, I now have to go back to Qt for a project. Unfortunately the Qt Creator is not as comfortable as Netbeans so I need some time to get warmed up.
    Last version of Qt I have been working with was 4.7 and Qt Quick wasn't introduced yet. So I'm kind of rusty with Qt and C++.
    For this project I want to use Qt Quick and OpenGL (don't have much experience with any yet)
    So I started with some basic staff in QGLWidgets and noticed its not running with Qt Quick, because it is a QApplication, not a QGuiApplication. So I wanted to use Qt3D instead.

    But now I have some issues installing Qt3D on my PC. With the tutorial on
    I didn't make it very far...

    I'm using Windows 8.1 (and Win7 on another PC) with MinGW
    I downloaded the online installer from the Qt homepage and installed Qt 5.3.1. Everything, except Qt3D, is running fine so I think there is nothing corrupted. I also downloaded the Qt3D project from GIT.
    Following the installation tutorial I now should run qmake in the "Qt x.x.x for Desktop (…)” terminal. Well the terminal does not exist on my PC (I know it did with my 4.7 version).
    So to get the terminal, someone told me to run configure.exe. Also don't have that one...
    So I tried open the Qt3D project with the Creator and build it from there. But it does not run correctly and tells me that includes are missing. After checking the includes are in the same folder as the others are so I don't know how to fix it.

    With all I remember from my older Qt projects I have the feeling that I can't fix this myself...
    Please help me out.

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    Qt 3D is undergoing a major rewrite and is not ready for release yet. See this post:

    What are you planning to do? If it's just using custom OpenGL components with Qt Quick, you don't need Qt 3D. Just implement your own Scene Graph (example: )

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