Displaying bug with QGraphicsView in QGraphicsView

  • Hello,

    I want to display hierarchical statecharts with QGraphicsViews.
    So every State can contain substates which in turn can i have also substates and so on.
    Each state displays its substates in a QGraphicsView, so there are QGraphicsViews in QGraphicsView in QGraphicsView...

    I tested it with a top level state, that contains two substates.
    Now comes the strange part:
    The first inserted substate is displayed perfectly fine, but the second substate seems to be confused of who its parent is:
    The visibility of the 2nd substate depends on the position of the parent state and it can be dragged partly out of its QGraphicsView.
    I made a short video to demonstrate the behavior:

    Is it a general problem to have a QGraphicsView inside a QGraphicsView?
    Does anybody have a clue why this happens for the second, third etc widget?

    Thanks in advance

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