[ANSWERED] Qt Creator Question

  • New to Qt Creator and C++. Currently taking an online C++ course and they are using Visual C++. I have installed that using VirtualBox but am trying to also do the exercises with Qt Creator.

    My ‘problem’ is this: according to what I have read in the online QtCreator manual, when you create a signal/slot in the Forms design view, it should automatically add a slot to the header file and a function to the source file. That’s not happening for me. I create the signal/slot in the design view and it shows up below the form in the Signals and Slots Editor but no changes are made to my source or header files.

    I am running Qt Creator 3.0.0 (Based on Qt 5.2.0) under Mageia 4 Linux.

    Any advice putting me on the right track would be most appreciated!!

  • I have now upgraded to Qt Creator 3.1.2 (based on Qt 5.3.1) and I still have the same issue (or misunderstanding?)...

  • I figured it out finally!! (Exactly as it says in the manual, of course!)

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